Friday, August 7, 2015

Hands: Pen and Tablet Project

by Eduardo Cantoral
August 10, 2015

As David Deutsch discovered, Knowledge is real, and Information is real (Deutsch and Jacob Bekenstein, respectively). ‘Hands’ is a project to learn art, and computer science. Using the power of the cloud, all that is needed is a remote control to manipulate it. Manipulate has latin roots. In the etymology we can read; from Latin manipulus “handful, sheaf, bundle,” from manus “hand” . Apart from the training uses, this project studies how the brain acquires knowledge, and feelings. We believe this is the right moment to start this initiative. Internet speed is going up, with clock times for nanochips going down as well. A real new infrastructure is surrounding the biosphere, with artificial products of our abstract minds. Thoughts, and feelings are brain constructs.

Hands on GoFundeMe